Winter Opening Times

Remember that Monday 3rd November onwards marks the start of our Winter Opening at the Babbacombe Cliff Railway. Sadly we will no longer be open from Monday to Friday since we will be commencing our programme of additional maintenance works. However the good news is that we will still be open at Weekends. On Saturdays and Sundays we will open from 10am and the last carriage of the day will be at 15:55. We look forward to your next visit.

Hallowe’en Horror Hole

Look out for full details of our “Hallowe’en Horror Hole” in our “What’s On” Section. Running on Friday 31st October and Saturday 1st November whilst stocks last, it is an event not to be missed! Halloween Image

An Update From Customs Officer Percy Wallett

Percy Wallett has kindly provided us with the notes he took during the “Flight Of The Babbacombe Smuggler” on Saturday. This enables us to disclose a number of the sleuths who assisted him in apprehending Leonarda Daventry as the culprit.

Percy wishes to thank the following people for their help on the day. (Those who successfully reported the right culprit have a * beside their names) :-

Joy Bastone

Lindsay Morris

Nita, Sam (and Lulu the dog)

Jemma and Patrick Cain*

Charles Doidge

Sophie Milford-Caddick*

Chrissie and Geoff Sanders

Louise McKay*

Georgia Brend*

Finn and Neve Taylor*

Pat Fletcher*

Emily-Jo Hedge*

Steve, Kate and Tom Smith*

Angela and Ian Smith*

Emma and Carol Reid*

Jennifer Nicholson and Judith Bramall

Barbara Buck and Margaret MckIm*

Roy Halsey (who apparently thought Percy Wallett himself committed the crime!)

Donna, Mark and Jacob Jones

Lucy, Dean and Sean Russo*

Sharon and Martyn Strange*

We hope that everyone who took part in the event enjoyed themselves and we look forward to welcoming you to the Babbacombe Cliff Railway again soon.


The Babbacombe Smuggler was yesterday unveiled as Leonarda Daventry. Her contraband was caviar smuggled from passing Russian ships and sold at an enormous profit to local hotels and restaurants.
Unfortunately Leonarda gave herself away by serving the caviar at her parties and by painting a scene that blatantly incriminated an innocent person.

Leonarda's arrest
Although initially under suspicion the other Cliff Railway passengers that night turned out to have innocent explanations for being there.
Percy Wallett made the arrest and thanks all concerned for their assistance in questioning the suspects and reporting all findings to him.

Five Smuggling Suspects!

Five Smuggling Suspects!

Look!  It’s our five smuggling suspects – but which one is the culprit?

Come and question them all from midday to 4pm on Saturday 20th September and help reveal the villain!