New Station Room Doors

Teams from Earlswood specialist manufacturers Dagenham installed the new folding doors at the top and bottom stations. The folding door panels were pre-formed from flat sheets of galvanised sheeting (a long lasting protection for steel from corrosion) and folded independently and assembled separately on a bench. The panels were then sent away for powder coating.

Powder Coating, electro-forritic application of powder coatings

The component first under goes a pre-treatment cleaning preparation process of degreasing rinsing, stabilising and drying to enable the powder to adhere. Then suspended (earthed) and an electrical charge is passed through which attracts the negative powder (a mixture of fine particle of solid resin, pigments, charge agents and additives). Then the component is placed in an oven and baked, at a high temperature 200C where the powder particles melt fuse and bond to the metal surface which form a corrosion resistant and durable film with a life expectancy of approximately 15 to 25 years.

Powder coating is a fast growing finishing process environmental friendly due to minimal impact on the environment. Many firms use powders containing no Triglycidyl Isocyanurate as per the current personal Health and Safety and Environmental legislation.

Due to the location and the corrosive effect of salt water to preserve the durability of the doors regular maintenance by cleaning with warm water and mild detergent will help. Abrasive cleaners must never be doors