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Tenth Anniversary Celebrations

Ten years ago, the community took over ownership of Babbacombe Cliff Railway.

Over that time Babbacombe Cliff Railway has been lucky enough to have an amazing team of passionate, dedicated people who have all been committed to their role as custodians of this fabulous, historic piece of engineering and have also been determined to ensure that the railway thrives and that its future is safe.

If you’ve visited us over the past decade hopefully you’ll have some idea of what we’ve tried to do. Babbacombe Cliff Railway is in excellent condition, we have our very own Visitor Centre on the beach and we have enjoyed a host of fantastic events with hoards of people enjoying some great times on the railway and on Oddicombe Beach.

Traveller numbers were around 90,000 in 2009.

They were over 130,000 in 2018.

Team Babbacombe Cliff Railway is absolutely delighted to be celebrating ten incredible years with many more to come.

Thank you to each and every one of you who has helped us make them incredible.

Word of warning – we will be talking more about this…..

End of year news…..

We thought we’d end the year with a couple of items of news:

Firstly, 2018 has seen record-breaking numbers of people use Babbacombe Cliff Railway. Over 130,000 people travelled with us this year. Amazing.

Secondly, 2019 will be the 10th anniversary of the community owning Babbacombe Cliff Railway. We have quite a story to tell and we intend to do that. Watch out for more coming soon…..

For now, we want to say thank you.  Thank you to all of you who travel with us, show an interest in us, work with us and support us.  Babbacombe Cliff Railway is truly a team effort and you are all part of that team. We are in this together.

We will be open from 10am to 4pm on New Year’s Day and look forward to seeing you then.

We will then be closed for several weeks as we undergo our annual maintenance programme.

With warmest wishes for a happy 2019.

Babbacombe Cliff Railway

Babbacombe Cliff Railway

Last Team Standing 2018

Saturday 8 September 2018.  What a fantastic day on the beach.  Thanks to everyone who joined us.  And the winners are:

1st Bill Oddicombe, 2nd Moaty McMoat Face, 3rd All Things Bright and Beautiful, 4th SSG2, 5th SSG1, 6th Mutts Nuts, 7th Cape Rock, 8th Tidal Titans, 9th Hoes and Bros, 10th The Pickled Parsons, 11th Up To Our Necks, 12th DATEL, 13th Darnells Chartered Accountants, 14th 10th Torbay Scouts

Why not have a browse through the gallery for a flavour of what went on?…..

Showcasing Babbacombe Cliff Railway Engineering

The historic, yet ever-popular, attraction that is Babbacombe Cliff Railway was visited on 26 July by Stephen Lisk, President of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers. Stephen had been invited by the Cliff Railway’s Technical Director, Dave Cooper. Dave has been involved with Babbacombe Cliff Railway since 2003, overseeing the complete rebuild in 2006/7. Dave is also a Fellow of the Institution and was keen to show Stephen around. Dave said “I knew that Stephen was interested in visiting us at Babbacombe so it’s been a case of getting the diaries together to make it happen.” He added “It was good for Stephen to see the operation that we have in Babbacombe, both in terms of the engineering of the railway and in terms of its popularity. On a sunny day in July, at the beginning of the school holidays, it was extremely busy.”

Dave gave Stephen a tour of the subterranean machine room and track and they also discussed the need for apprenticeships so that continuity of skills can be achieved in a bid to be able to adequately maintain the cliff railway which is approaching 100 years old. Dave said “Babbacombe Cliff Railway is in great condition and a thriving business. This success is what enables us to keep it well maintained and to safeguard its future. However, as well as being financially secure, we also needthe practical skills required. A new era of apprenticeships means that maybe that is a way forward for us. And, as always, chatting to others in the industry and sharing information and ideas, is always a positive plan.”

Babbacombe Cliff Railway is owned and run by a Community Interest Company. The Company is managed by a board of voluntary directors with a paid team of staff running the day to day business and volunteers working in the Visitor Centre on Oddicombe Beach. The railway now runs seven days a week for most of the year, with a period of closure for maintenance each January, and it transports over 120,000 people each year. For more information on the railway, its history, special events and news, visit the website at