Man Overboard Mystery – big reveal

A note from the pathologist:-

By all accounts, Sir Michael Spencer was not a nice man.  Throughout his life, he had made many enemies and therefore we were not short of suspects or motives for his death.

However, after much intensive questioning and clue-seeking, our amateur sleuths finally unravelled the truth, enabling the Police Constable to arrest Ginny Ferguson for her fatal involvement.

Ginny hadn’t meant to kill Sir Michael, she had simply intended to give him a taste of his own medicine.  But on drinking the drugged brandy she had proffered, he quickly lapsed into unconsciousness and toppled over the yacht rail into the sea.  The horse steroid was far too potent for a human, even in the tiny dose Ginny had slipped into his glass.

Ginny’s callous failure to attempt a rescue or raise the alarm means that she is certainly a very guilty killer.

Virtual sweeties go to (among others):

  • Jackie & Gerry & Linda & Mike;
  • Lucy & Sean;
  • Georgia & Josie;
  • Wendy & Pete;
  • Jennifer;
  • Glenys Phillips;
  • Alana Hodge;
  • Christine Gill;
  • Julie Crook;
  • Jenny Kay;
  • Harry Bannister;
  • Pat Fletcher;
  • Rachel & Ben;
  • Mrs Crosthwaite;
  • Alex.

Thanks to all who came along and helped to ensure that justice prevailed!


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