Tenth Anniversary Celebrations

Ten years ago, the community took over ownership of Babbacombe Cliff Railway.

Over that time Babbacombe Cliff Railway has been lucky enough to have an amazing team of passionate, dedicated people who have all been committed to their role as custodians of this fabulous, historic piece of engineering and have also been determined to ensure that the railway thrives and that its future is safe.

If you’ve visited us over the past decade hopefully you’ll have some idea of what we’ve tried to do. Babbacombe Cliff Railway is in excellent condition, we have our very own Visitor Centre on the beach and we have enjoyed a host of fantastic events with hoards of people enjoying some great times on the railway and on Oddicombe Beach.

Traveller numbers were around 90,000 in 2009.

They were over 130,000 in 2018.

Team Babbacombe Cliff Railway is absolutely delighted to be celebrating ten incredible years with many more to come.

Thank you to each and every one of you who has helped us make them incredible.

Word of warning – we will be talking more about this…..

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