Update 11/8/20- We Will Remain CLOSED Until Further Notice



Good Morning All

As you know we have been closed since the weekend for maintenance work.

What initially presented as a fairly straightforward replacement of a part unfortunately turns out to be more complicated. We are in fact going to have to remove a larger part of the machinery and it be sent away for repair.

It’s a fairly big job so by the time the part has been removed, sent away, repaired, returned and reinstalled you will appreciate that this may take several days.

We understand the disappointment that this may cause you and can only apologise. This is also a hugely frustrating time for us bearing in mind the fantastic support you have all given us and the fabulous weather currently.

Please be assured that we are doing everything within our power to be up and running again.

We will reopen as soon as we can but will not be able to confirm definite timescales until later in the week.

Keep an eye out here for further updates.

With our warmest wishes and appreciation of your patience.

Team Babbacombe Cliff Railway